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Ruby's Clay Studio & Gallery

552A Noe Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Located Between 18th and 19th in the Heart of the Castro


Manager’s Phone: 415-558-9819



Manager's Hours:

Mon., Wed., Thurs. & Fri. 9 am to 1 pm

Mon., Wed. Evenings 5:30 - 9:00 pm

Tues. & Sat. 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


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Hours are Generally 10am - 7pm Daily


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552 Noe Street
Dolores Heights, CA, 94114
United States


Ruby's Clay Studio is a non-profit arts center whose objectives are to promote community appreciation of the ceramic arts and to encourage self-expression and technical and artistic development through exhibitions, classes and the resources provided by a shared learning facility.


Drop-In Program

Students who are completing work from the last class session or who have had three classes in the last 12 months may enter the program. Returning Drop-In Program users should contact management to ensure that there is room for their return.

This program provides weekly studio time for people experienced in clay and high-fire (∆ 10) ceramics and who are self-sufficient. Space during a Drop-In session is available on a first-come-first-served basis, and is not guaranteed. No pre-registration for a Drop-In session is allowed or required.

Newcomers, please allot 15 to 20 minutes at the beginning of your first session for a studio orientation. Also, please familiarize yourself with Ruby’s Drop-In Procedures & Rules listed below.

Drop-In Hours

Monday 6 – 9pm Tuesday 1 –  4pm *Wednesday 6 – 9pm Friday 10am - 1pm Saturday 1 – 4pm

No Drop-In Wednesday, July 31st for Monthly Community Meeting

No Manager Hours Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day

(*Note: Drop-In Hours Wednesdays except the last Wednesday of most months when our Community Meeting takes place.)

Procedures & Rules

FEE: Cash or in-state check only, $17 per session (effective March 1st, 2019). Clay and tools are sold separately.

All fees must be paid prior to receiving goods or services. Firing fees range from $1 to $7 per piece, depending on the size.

LIMITS: Because of space constraints, drop-ins must limit their production to $30 or less of thrown, hand built, or sculptured pieces per month. None of these may exceed 12” in any one dimension. You may take more than a month to work on these, but you cannot have more than the monthly amount in an unfired (“green”) state.

COMMUNITY AREAS must be shared equally with others. Keep your work and tools consolidated. Clean shared tools and work areas after use. There are shelves to store tools and clay and designated areas which participants use to move their work to completion. Bisque and glaze firings occur on posted dates once a month. Participants will be oriented on the use of our glazing room (with 24 high fire glazes) and any other shared tools available at the studio.

EQUIPMENT should only be used once you are familiar with its operation. First-time use should always involve a manager's help. Participants are financially responsible for any damage that may occur because of improper usage.

PRECAUTIONS: Dust from clay and glaze contains particulate silica that is injurious to health. Long-term exposure can cause silicosis, a chronic blockage of the lungs similar to emphysema. To keep all members safe, any dust creating activity is prohibited. This means no sanding, sweeping, blowing of clay, or shaking slab roller canvases out. Glazes may also contain other hazardous elements, so don’t eat or drink while glazing and avoid skin contact. However, when fired, the Studio glazes contain no lead and are safe for food.

CLEAN UP with a damp sponge, wet mop, or use a spray bottle to wet surfaces and wipe up with a damp sponge. Everyone is required to wipe down surfaces and mop the floor around their wheel or worktable before leaving. Clean-up is part of your session, so always give yourself enough time at the end of your session to clean (usually 10 - 15 min.)

LABEL any of your work left in the damp-room with your name, phone #, date and “Drop-In.”  Trimmed work should be stamped with the Drop-In “star-asterisk” stamp on the base of your pot. Unlabeled work may be removed; If you don’t want your work disturbed, then label it!

ACTIVITY: You are considered "inactive" in the drop-in program if it has been 4 weeks or more from your last session. To reactivate your activity all you need to do is attend a new session at the studio. You can also designate yourself as "inactive" at any time after your work is fully completed at the studio. Be aware that once you are inactive you should not use the studio for storage of any kind, and any work or tools left are in danger of being purged.