Drop - In

A program for people with experience in clay work.


Monday, October 10th due to Columbus Day Holiday

Wednesday, October 26th due to Community Meeting

Monday, October 31th due to Halloween


Monday 6–9 PM, Tuesday 1–4 PM, Wednesday 6–9 PM, Friday 10 AM–1 PM, Saturday 1–4 PM                            (The last Wednesday of most months our monthly member meetings is held, and there is no Drop-In session.)

Participants must have experience with high-fire (cone 10) ceramics and be self-sufficient.

Newcomers, please allot about 15 minutes at your first session for a studio orientation. Although it is unlikely, space may be limited. SPACE AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED BASIS. No pre-registration is required just come at any point during the session time to work. Make yourself welcome at Ruby’s by following the rules & procedures detailed below:

FEES- Cash or check only. The fee is $14 per session. Clay and tools are sold separately at a substantial discount. All fees must be paid prior to receiving goods or services. Ruby's accepts cash or in state checks as payment. Firing fees range from $1-$7 per piece, depending on their size.

LIMITS - Because of space constraints, drop-ins must limit their production to $30 or less of thrown or hand built pieces, or sculpture, per month. None of these may exceed 12” in any one dimension. You may take more than a month to work on these pieces if you wish, but you can not have more than the allotted monthly amount in an unfired (“green”) state.

COMMUNITY AREAS must be shared equally with others. Keep your work and tools consolidated and clean shared tools and work areas after use. There are shelves to store tools and clay and designated areas which participants will use to move their work to completion. Bisque and glaze firings occur on posted dates once a month. Participants will be oriented on the use of our glazing room (with 28 high fire glazes) and any other shared tools available at the studio.

EQUIPMENT should only be used once you are familiar with its operation. First time use should always involve a manager's help. Participants are financially responsible for any damage which occurs because of improper usage.

PRECAUTIONS: Dust from clay and glaze contains particulate silica that is injurious to health. Long term exposure can cause silicosis, a chronic blockage of the lungs similar to emphysema. To keep all members safe any dust creating activity is prohibited. This means no sanding, sweeping, blowing, unnecessary waiving of the slab roller canvas, or whatever. Glazes may also contain other hazardous elements, so don’t eat or drink while glazing and avoid skin contact. The Studio glazes contain no lead and are safe for food.

CLEAN UP with a sponge, a mop, or spray down dry scrap and scoop up. Everyone is required to wipe down surfaces and to mop the floor around their wheel or work table before leaving. Clean-up time is part of your session time so always give yourself enough time at the end of your session (usually 10 - 15 min.).

LABEL any of your work left in damp room with your name, phone #, date and “drop-in”.Trimmed work should also be labeled with a “D” on the base of your pot. Unlabeled work may be subject to removal. If you don’t want your work disturbed, then label it!

ACTIVITY - You are considered "inactive" in the drop-in program if it has been 4 weeks or more from your last session. To reactivate your activity all you need to do is attend a new session at the studio. You can also designate yourself as "inactive" at any time after your work is fully completed at the studio. Be aware that once you are inactive you should not use the studio for storage of any kind, and any work or tools left are in danger of being purged.

Because of past damage to our equipment, clay purchased outside the studio is not allowed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Drop - In